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ABF Kids received educational materials
Counceling about HIV prevention and reproductive health
Tesfanesh getting a prize
Women undertaking Income Generating Activity
Our kids singing and dancing

Recent News 

ABF Starts Formal School

ABF Expands its tutorial services to formal School!

Sponsors are needed for Hawassa orphans

ABF is starting a new community based care and support for orphans and vulnerable children at Hawassa City.


About Action for Bright Future Ass.

Action for Bright Future Association is a registered charity organization established in Ethiopia in 2005 to support marginalized and at risk people hardest hit by HIV/AIDS and poverty mainly orphans and vulnerable children, the youth, the elderly and people living with HIV and  their households in Ethiopia in  education, basic services(medication, clothing, nutrition, psychosocial) , economic empowerment, HIV/AIDS prevention and control and environmental protection.

ABF’s interventions are aimed at brightening the future of orphans and vulnerable children and their community, the youth, the elderly and people living with HIV  through reducing poverty by economic empowerment, access to formal and non formal education, provision of transitional basic support, character formation through counseling, provision of sanitary and pure water services.

ABF also works on community based HIV/AIDS prevention and control and community awareness creation and action for environmental protection. 

ABF undertakes its charity commitment through sponsorship, programmatic support, in kind donation and volunteer support from likeminded local, regional and international donor agencies, corporations and individuals.


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